For close to one year now SC Villa President Eng. Immanuel Ben Misagga has been working tirelessly to transform the club into a recognized brand worldwide. His revival mission is expected to cost Shs1.5 billion if Villa IS TO DOMINATE Uganda, East Africa and Africa at large again.

President Eng. Immanuel Ben Misagga was born and bred in Kiteredde, Masaka in 1968 in a humble, catholic family. He was baptized Immanuel after an Italian priest who took interest his my appearance. He went to Matale Primary School, Jinja SS and Jinja College for secondary education before enrolling at Nairobi University for a higher diploma in mechanical engineering. He later upgraded at Longai Polytechnic and Greenwood colleges in Kenya. He concluded his studies at Copper Belt University (Zambia) with a degree in Project Management.

While he is in Uganda, he stays with a family of five in Ntinda whereas in Zambia he stays in his 200-seater mansion in woodland, Kabulonga province. He is officially married to Paul Kagame (Rwandan President)’s cousin and they have four kids; 2 boys and 2 girls. He started working in Uganda with the defunct Uganda Commercial Bank (UCB) in the construction department, Allied Engineers, Benarc Primex with Joviah Saleh (wife to Gen Caleb Akandwanaho aka Salim Saleh) before jetting out to Namibia. He worked closely with former Namibia President Sam Nujoma who entrusted him to teach his SWAPO members the art of construction. After overseeing several road constructions in Volsby City- Namibia’s second largest city after Windhoek, He shifted to Zambia where then President Rupiya Banda commonly known as RB gave me a lucrative deal to design the Livingstone army airstrip. This was his second biggest deal after working as the chief architect of the expansive Kigali Market. In brief, as the Vice President of the Ugandan community living in COSAFA region, he has access to four Presidents; Malawi’s Peter Muthalika, Zambia’s Michael Sata, Namibia’s Hifikepunye Pohamba and Angola’s Eduardo dos Santos. His main occupation is dealing in mineral exportation and his company Printh is the largest Manganese exporter to Europe in the region.

President Eng. Immanuel Ben Misagga feel in love with Jogoo way back in 1975 when it was still Nakivubo Boys. His most memorable match was in the early 80s when he left school to go and watch Villa play Nile in Jinja. The way brothers Paul Hasule (RIP) and Geoffrey Higenyi played for George Mukasa’s side inspired him to cherish the club up to date. He also watched the late Magid Musisi score a sublime goal against Egyptian side El Masry in the CAF tourney and his dream is to watch such a game at that level again.

President Eng. Immanuel Ben Misagga has grown up mentally, financially and spiritually despite his presidential nomination being foiled back in the 2004 club elections. Then he could not forgive his saboteurs but now he has learnt to forgive but not forget. Since his return, he has done many ground breaking fundamental steps towards Villa development like re-establishing branches, Villa water and flour and re-energizing the squad with big player recruitment which he hopes will sway many doubting Thomases.

President Eng. Immanuel Ben Misagga is not too troubled when working under a decentralized structure system. Every department in the club; marketing, fans, coordinators and administrators perform their roles which he supervises.

President Eng. Immanuel Ben Misagga is confident that he is making an investment in the club from which he expects to reap dividends. “
Soon Villa water and flour will be selling on market, Villa merchandise will also be generating revenue and we hope to earn handsomely from player sales abroad. With that hindsight, we have used a bank overdraft from friendly sources to fund this promising project” says President Eng. Immanuel Ben Misagga

Our training ground, Villa Park is undergoing a facelift which will see gyms and a food mart being raised for players and soon we are going to unveil our new club house that will also house a modern restaurant.

President Eng. Immanuel Ben Misagga believes the media too have a massive role to play in boosting fan’ support. They have to accept our brand of football and promote the industry. Without the Uganda media redirecting their focus on local sport this industry will not awaken. We need and must be proud of product Uganda. That said, all the 16-league clubs must engage fans through re-activating fans branches and trying to bring in foreign players.

A good fearing man, President Eng. Immanuel Ben Misagga is always at Christ The King Church and values quality time spent with his family and also travelling around the world with them. When Villa is not playing he spares that time to support Liverpool and always attend Afrigo Band and Meseach Ssemakula shows.

President Eng. Immanuel Ben Misagga often encourages fans to exercise patience when demanding for results from coaches, players and administrators. Fans should join diehards like musician Mary Bata and buy season tickets not only for SC Villa but their respective clubs, players should play with vitality to get a chance with the Cranes and professional clubs, all former club leaders and ex-players should join hands with the current leadership to take the club forward and with that the revolution will be a success.