SC Villa opened up the new pre-season tournament with a win  against URA FC in the Pilsner Super 8 tournament and hence book their advancement to the semis waiting on our next opponent after a draw is expected to be carried out with other progressing teams in the tournament.

SC Villa team VS URA FC

In a game where we weren’t expected to  perform because of the unfamiliar new faces we had in our team to the the well known star packed URA team with likes of Vitalis Tabu our former profound attacker last season.

We came out as the winners which was a surprise to many even with even the better way we possessed the ball with our offensive swift passing ability for our team which began training just a week before with players who have been together for the same time.

Our players were phenomenal most part of the game with good transition going forward and even better re-positioning when we lost the ball not even mentioning the quick passing and squared balls on the day that even resulted in the only goal on the day.

Sam Simbwa(L) and Moses Basena(R)

Our Captain Kirya Ambrose(11) was the man of the match given the tremedous support he provided in the midfield with even good visionary passing which saw his through ball in the 17min passed to Ajab Abraham(14) who eventually scored.

We won’t go out without mentioning our star performers that day;

  1. Ndahiro Derrick(3); He came up and stood out in the left side of our defense and was great in the way he went forward with his tremendous tracking back the left line.
  2. Ambrose Kirya(11); No wonder he came out as the man of the match. Our captain put out a commanding display with his passes being vital in each attack and dribbles we made on the day.

    Ambrose Kirya rceiving the man of the match award from the Uganda Cranes head coach Disabre

  3. Samuel Kivumbi(1); Our shot stopper was one of the reasons it became hard to decide the man of the day because if weren’t his saves and defensive commanding maybe URA FC would have equalized on the day but am quite sure we would do a second goal.
  4. Defense; Our central defense was a pillar at the back, Savio Kabugo(16) and Kavuma Habib(2) clearing and heading away all the long URA balls to safety.
  5. Whole team; With just it being hard to pick out we would like to say thank you to the whole squad for our first win and we are sure the surprise did the crowd proud.
  6. Technical team: We thank the coaching staff headed by our new coach Mr. Moses Basena and say if this is what we are to expect with this little time you’ve had with this team so far, we are behind you as Villa.